Stuck Hints not Appearing in HTML


The hints stopped appearing specifically after lesson 6. Paragraphs and Headings. It isn't particularily impairing my learning per se but they were a very useful reference for when I get confused. It's a bit frustrating without them.


Well sometimes you have to try things on your own and not just relying on hints and answers.


Not all exercises have hints. 7 to 11 do not, 12 does.


Ooooops, sorry. Thanks for the replies.


Well not really relying on them just using them as a reference. I don't want to have to run to the forums every 5 mins


lol, just try and keep trying and u wont have to go to the forums.


But don't worry if you do because that is what we're here for! :grinning:


Thank you very much:smile:


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