Stuck at the very Beginning of MuscleHub Project -- Maybe a glitch?

Something is wrong here (See screenshot).

This is from step 1 of the muscle hub project, where it is just giving examples of how to proceed.

If I take the line of code from the example (“from codecademySQL import sql_query”) and remove it, press Run, then paste the exact same line of code back in, then press Run again, it returns a ModuleNotFoundError. The error says “no module named pandas.”

Why can’t I import pandas? Did I not download python correctly? Is it because I downloaded miniconda instead of anaconda?

Please help, I’ve been going steady at this for a while, but now I’ve hit a brick wall and it’s frustrating. Thanks!

Hi @board5218463968

Pandas isn’t part of the core Python library, and I don’t think its included by default in Miniconda either. The error you’re getting is telling you as much, by saying ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pandas'.

Since it appears you need pandas, you can install it from the Conda repo by running conda install pandas from the terminal. Pandas is also available from PyPI by running pip install pandas from the terminal, but you’re probably better installing via Conda since you’ve got Python that way to begin with.

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