Stuck at the end of "New York City" semantic html project

Hey there,

I completed the “New York City” project in Semantic HTML. I am stuck at point 17, when it asks you to play around with the project, add other elements and so forth.

I edited the project and added elements and content the best I could. It still won’t allow me to click “next”.

Any suggestions on why?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi board,

Remember to include links to the project you’re having your issues with so we have more context to better help you and don’t have to look it up ourselves.

Is every task on the left side marked as done? That’s probably why you can’t click next.

You prolly missed a checkbox.

My apologies, will be mindful next time.
Turns out I didn’t tick all the boxes. Some of them actually kept “unclicking” themselves during the exercise as I was trying to copy/paste some text. Very annoying.

Nevertheless, problem solved. Thanks for the tip!

I did, didn’t I… :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip

Methinks codecademy should make it so that the box is only checked if you are hovering over and click the box, instead of now when you hover and click anywhere on the element it checks and unchecks the box.

I could fix that…CodeCademy where you at? I need a job! :slight_smile:

Ironic, isn’t it? Finding errors in the lessons for learning to code. Maybe it’s a test lol