Stuck at step one

I’m literally stuck at step one of lesson one. I’m typing <!DOCTYPEhtml> at the beginning and then continuing on through the final three lines of the assignment. However the system keeps telling me there’s something wrong with my first line of code and asks if I’m typing “<!DOCTYPEhtml>”…which I am. So what am I doing wrong?


Please paste in your code so we can help

Why is there no space between <!DOCTYPE and html>, this could be the issue

Hi me too!

1.It is difficult understand.
2.I made three lines and then put htmil tags like this.
3.But, they said dosent look like quite right.

I typed like this. What’s the problem???

If you have a question, please create your own topic with question + code (check markup) + error message. This topic is to help the person who created the topic