Stuck at step #3 - build your own webpage


Hi there,
I've been stuck for a while already on Step #3 of "Build your own webpage".

The instructions say: "Create an <h1> tag inside your body tags. Between your opening <h1> and closing </h1> tags, type your name for all to see!"

That is precisely what I'm doing. My code looks like this right now but it still doesn't work:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1> CATALINA </h1>

What am I missing? Please help :pensive:


your <title> is missing its closing tag title tag (</title>), and should be inside <head></head>


Hey @clnazlta,

You have forgotto close your <title> tag. You can do this by closing it like most other tags (</title>).

I hope this helps :smile:


I agree with you @ihammmy, but SCT doesn't correct the problem that title should be nested inside <head></head>


Ah yes. I didn't notice that! thanks :smile:


Hi! got it, thanks a lot!


Thank you. It's easy to miss details in html! But I got it. Thanks for helping :smile:


Just make it one reply, very good you got it clnazita

@ihammmy, you're welcome