Stuck at Printing Variables Exercise


I expected to pass this exercise with a simple string and print command; which was what this is all about. My code is below, and do tell where I messed up :slight_smile:

the_machine_goes= "Ping!"
print "the_machine_goes"


There are two strings in your code, which one is asked for?
Does your first line have any effect currently?


Hi there ionatan,

On the screen on the right side it shows:


Error message is as such: Oops, try again. Did you remember to print out "Ping!"?

the first line has no effect

  • You've got instructions telling you to print the_machine_goes
  • You have a variable named the_machine_goes that refers to "Ping!"
  • You have an error message that's saying that the output should be Ping!
  • You have an unused line of code

There's quite a lot there that says what you need to do

Along with that you've also got a title that describes the exercise and some text to go with it which further says what to do.

I could say a fourth time what to do right, but what you really should be doing is having a look at what information you already have.


I'm well aware of the information I was given; I'm still stuck however, mind shedding a little light?


Put a blue ball in box number 5
then give me the ball that is in box 5

What colour is the ball that you'll be giving me on following those two instructions?

Assign "Ping!" to the variable the_machine_goes
Print the value that the_machine_goes refers to

What is going to be printed on following those two instructions?

If I store my name in a variable named name
How can you then print my name?

result = 3 + 4

On printing the result, 7 should be displayed. How is this done?
It certainly should not print "result", because that is not a number, it's text, and that text is not related to 7 so how was that particular text obtained, that doesn't make sense.


To do this question (which took me a while) you have to do this:
the_machine_goes = "Ping!"
print the_machine_goes
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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