Stuck at Loading Data - no Boroname, or can't save to tableau public

I’m at the very beginning of Learn Tableau, the Loading Data section.
I loaded the tree census csv, and the instructions talks about a field “Borocode” but my data has no such field. It’s “Boroname” which is the string to start with. I was able to change the field name to Tree Diameter as instructed. But I cannot save to Tableau Public (cloud space?), because Save to Tableau Public and Save to Tableau Public As… are both dimmed (grayed out) and these commands cannot be selected.

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I had a similar issue the other day. I got some sort of extract error bc one of the csv files is WAY too huge (over 200 MB).
When I went to read the Tableau docs, they referred to the desktop version of Tableau (which has more features than the free version) and one cannot create an extract with the free version—-so there was no way for me to keep saving my work to Tableau Public. I’ve been using Tableau since about 2016 and haven’t run into this issue before.

I reported the issue (submitted a bug report to CC) and have yet to hear back.

I think that the version of Tableau used in the course is the desktop version and not the free version.

This is a problem. I was also discussing this with another learner over on Discord just the other day. They had similar issues with the course. Unfortunately I would suggest that you pause on this and work on something else in the meantime. It’s just my advice as a fellow learner.

Here is a link to create a bug report:

Remember to be as specific as possible in your description of the issue and include screenshots and include the link to the course as well.

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Thank you for your response, @lisalisaj ! I went a head to the next screen, disregarding the saving to Tableau Public part, and found that there are more discrepancies. It seems like these instructions were made some years ago and they are haven’t been updated for the latest version of the app or sample files.
I’m glad to have made a decision to leave Codacademy. This was my last attempt to use their course before my subscription expires.


There are detailed instructional videos on the Tableau Public site ( and YT) along with sample data sets. There are also various “Zen masters” too to follow on the public site, like Andy Kriebel (sp?).
I can recommend those resources bc I’ve used them in my studies over the years.
Good luck!


Thank you so much @lisalisaj ! I’ve been having the exact same problem as @tkurosaka and have been wondering whether to try and continue with the course or not, as I will need to start learning Tableau for work. Would you be able to provide links to some of the resources you’ve found most helpful? Thanks again!

Sure, np. It’s always good to look at the documentation or videos provided on the software’s site.

If you’re on the Public Tableau site, just click under “Resources” and you’ll see their “How To” videos.
They also have a YouTube channel which is quite helpful.

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