Stuck at Gitbash(or Git cmd?)

Hello all, I’m at the “Create a Back-End App with Javascript” part of Codecademy, more spefically “Developing Javascript Apps locally”.
The good thing is understand the programming concepts that are thaught so far, the bad thing is I’m stuck with installing Gitbash.
I followed what the author was trying to explain exactly, but when i type in “node -v” in gitbash it doesn’t give me results(show the version of node) like when I do that with windows command. I have removed and reinstalled both node and gitbash and still don’t get the correct results.
Would anyone happen to know what’s causing this problem?

Since I honestly don’t understand much of the next parts of this chapter either, I’m stuck now, so it would be nice to know if there’s a more extensive guide for this matter in another course on Codecademy, since right it feels like I’m just installing random programms on my computer.

After another few hours i noticed I got Git cmd(deprecated) installed on my computer aswell: here I can acces node as described in the course, but I when I do for example command “ls” i get the message: “ls” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

When I acces Gitbash as advised in the course, here I can’t acces node but i can type in ‘ls’ and get results.

Which one is the right one to pick and how do I make it work as it should?

i would use git bash

i use bash on linux, so i don’t know what restrictions git bash has, but you could simple install node using:

sudo apt-get node -y

the node executable should be /usr/bin/node, you could see if its there

its also important to understand that git and bash are two different things, understanding what each is, is a massive help

understanding the difference between bash and cmd also helps