Stuck at environment(bash profile)


how to open ~/.bash_profile in this right.


You mean edit it ?
nano ~/.bash_profile

there is whitespace between nano and ~


How do you : Save the file.

Press Enter to write the filename

Exit nano.

Clear the terminal window.


In real life I would never use Nano. I always use vi or emacs.
Are you asking a question here or just stating what you've learnt ?


I don't know how to open it.. do you type it into nano?


You type in the command line using nano as the editor program
Like so

nano [file name you want to open including the directory path]

thus for bash_profile

nano ~/.bash_profile is typed in at the command prompt

Are you having a hard time understanding what is being asked ?


it just doesn't work for some people. it's a bug.


Please post a screenshot showing the bug.


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It's definitely a bug. I literally copied and pasted the text from the instructions into the command line (step by step) and it worked that way.


For saving : Ctrl + O (use keyboard)
For Exit :Ctrl + X(use keyboard):slightly_smiling:


These are functions, and when executed in order they are working but not checking the instruction #2 to allow user to move on. I have not seen one thread solve this for anyone,. From: Stuck Where You Are.


Ok, and my terminal won't allow copy/paste functions by clicking or ctrl codes.


nikkyaaryan, somehow your instruction is so much more clear. A thousand thank yous!


Thanks to your clarity and some good old fashioned obsessive persistence I got past step three, kept resetting exercise, could not get my bad text to go away, arrows stayed green so it was hard to know where my mistakes were.
After finding your code (3 day search) advice i whizzed through and finished.


I got the same problem. I have done all the steps 3 times now, but I cannot get past it. I guess I’ll keep trying then.


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