Stuck at CSS 26/26 lesson


Dear CodeAcademy community,

I’ve just started learning to code, and I need your help with this exercise. (Ignore the silly content hehe)

I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to fix it, but there seems to be an error I don’t see.
I have to change the link’s text-decoration to none and its color to #cc0000. The changes appear in the preview box, but when I submit it, an error message comes up…

Could anyone point out what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Exact same issue here…
Had a similiar issue in Lesson 12 - which I then just didn’t finish


Any lesson with text-decoration can’t get completed


Aaaah I see… I was afraid I was making some rookie mistake!
Well, I guess I’ll just skip it. Thank you so much!


I am not sure, but I couldn’t complete any of the lessons… Perhaps we are making both a very rookie mistake - I just can’t think of which one


Same problem. How do you skip this activity exactly?


I was having the same problem as well. Got me annoyed enough to not log on to Codecademy for a week. But if enough of us are experiencing it then it is probably a bug


For me I didn’t directly skip it I just had to move on to the next session. But it felt bad because the part will still be marked as uncompleted. Hopefully there is a better solution though.


I have the same problem. Please solve it as soon as possible, Codecademy !!!


This exercise currently doesn’t work in Chrome and Opera, try IE or FF

The issue is known and will hopefully be fixed ASAP.

If the exercise doesn’t work in FF and IE, something is wrong with your code. Make a new (linked) topic which includes:

your code
error message
exercise url

given other helpers on the forum might miss its related to this topic


Hi @stetim94,

Thank you. I tried in Firefox, and it did work.

Thanks a lot :pray:


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