Stuck at count_to command


Im noob and cant solve this plz help me out here :smiley:

addition = 65 + 214 # Set count_to equal to the sum of two big numbers
substraction = 6584 - 1268
multiplication = 568 * 652
division = 5623 / 23.5684

print count_to = 279 999999 # hint is this "Set the variable count_to equal to the sum of two big numbers"


Hi @orezzero

Follow these steps.

1.Define a variable and assign it to sum of two big numbers.
2.Once you do that use print to print it to console.

suppose I want to define a variable named x and put it to equal to sum of two numbers and print it.

I will do this..

x = 34 + 56 #step1
print x     #step2

Variable names can be different,In this exercise your variable name is count_to.

(Also revise previous exercise)


Thanks did the trick thanks greentreemee :relaxed: Noobi = out of trouble


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