Stuck at 93% = env: │: No such file or directory

This code: ’ env | grep PATH ’ is not working… Any ideas?

I copy/pasted this and it worked as expected, so you’ve definitely got the right command there.

What response do you get from your terminal when you run that?

Hey, thanks for answering! That’s literally what I get back: ‘env: ⎮: No such file or directory’
And somehow I can’t copy/paste it like you did… :frowning:

I can copy/paste in these exercises on my Mac but not on my Windows machine - weird.

Could you post a screen shot of your code with the error showing?

Hmm, that certainly looks okay, but it is really not happy with your | symbol. I wonder if there is more than one way to make that symbol? Could you try with the on screen keyboard?

Here is mine:

No, it’s still not working… But I’m gonna try to make it run on another pc tomorrow. Thanks for all the support though :blush: !!!

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