Stuck at 88% on git


I don't know what I am supposed to do


If I could tell which exercise was "88%" then I would help you!


I am on the git exercise


You are either being funny or you are pulling my leg. :smile:


here is the link I cant remember what I did with the second one to because I had a break from school


Step 1 : change to the my-quizzes directory: cd my-quizzes
- now you are in the my-quizzes directory

Step 2: merge with origin/master: git merge origin/master
- now your local master has merged with the origin/master

Step 3: print the commit history: git log
- now you can see all the commits that have been made


the second one didn't work
here is a screenshot of what I am doing


Can you do:

  • a pwd to confirm your working directory
  • an ls to show all the files in your working directory

Post a screenshot of all that.



Okay, so your are definitely in the my-quizzes directory.

Now, to do step 2. To merge with origin/master you do this:

git merge origin/master


the git merge origin/master didn't work


Could you post a screenshot of the whole browser please?



It sounds like it has lost your previous work.

You might have to reset this exercise and try again. Under the Get Help button there is an option called "I want to restart this exercise". Do that and then repeat the steps for this exercise.

If it still doesn't work, go back one more exercise and reset and redo that exercise.


if git merge origin/master doesn't work do git fetch first then git merge origin/master


The answer from @albionsrefuge is what fixed it for me. git fetch then git merge origin/master.


i was stuck in this one for 2 days!
my problem was solved exactly the way that @albionsrefuge said.
one step back to the git fetch and restart it.


Use git fetch before you git merge.
This exercise seems to be connected to the previous step. if you reset the exercise chances are that the git fetch from previous step is ignored hence you git fetch first then git merge. then continue to git log


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