Stuck at 81% Help!

I have tried and tried yet I still cannot get past it. I am doing everything right! help me!

Hey t_kilvertkelvinhall_,

I got through this exercise with the following:

Step 1: type (w/o the " " 's): nano ~/.bash_profile

Step 2: In nano, type: alias pd=“pwd”
2A: Hit ‘Control - O’ (the letter)
2B: Hit ‘Enter’
2C: Hit ‘Control - X’
2D Type in ‘clear’

Step 3: Type in 'source ~/.bash_profile

Step 4: Type ‘pd’

That should get you through this exercise. NOTE: You will need to
remember the ‘Control - X’ and ‘Control - O’ to get through the next few
steps. I’m still on 5. Aliases II at 83%, so look for my new thread
for help on that if you get past it, thanks and I hope that helps.

What step does not go green?

i’m still stuck after following these instructions…can’t get from step one to 2. followed instructions and this post’s instructions exactly. this is all i get

$ 'source ~/.bash_profile

alias hy=“history”
> > source ~/.bash_profile >

The above steps are perfectly right. Ensure that the nano editor is blank with only alias pd=“pwd” typed in it. In case anything else exists, remove it and proceed it should work. Worked for me. Or follow the steps after resetting the exercise.

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I followed the steps above and I still stuck… I cannot get to the third step. But i know that’s for sure the solutions, it is stated in the instructions… Sorry for my poor English tho.

It works now, I followed your instruction to leave the nano editor in blank…Thanks~

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