Stuck at 8 :/


What we just saw was a fun example of how JavaScript can be interactive. Try it yourself!


confirm("I feel awesome!");
confirm("I am ready to go.");

These boxes can be used on websites to confirm things with users. You've probably seen them pop up when you try to delete important things or leave a website with unsaved changes.

i dont understand this one


Write your own message that you want the user to confirm.

And this you should do

confirm("i type what i want, here !");



Same problem here. I am at 8 - Interactive JavaScript.
I typed the line you gave and also tried some other ones, I still have the error message.
Could you help me on that one?


Please show your complete code


The visual shows double quotes in the lesson. Double quotes seem to cause an error on this lesson. Use single quotes instead of double quotes.
confirm('I am awesome today!');


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