Stuck at 76%


I can't seem to follow/do/understand the instructions in a way that will help me solve the problem.


Show us what you are doing and what the terminal is responding with.


I have done as you have asked


It doesn't look like you have the right character at the beginning of your file name.

It should be a ~.


I tried your method and it seems to have solved my trouble. The light went green on the first step when I did it incorrectly ( as shown by the image ) , this lead to my confusion. Thank you for your help.


I'm having problem at 76% I did everything it asked and I can't move on.


Hi @fadamikes94, I'm not clear on what your problem is. Can you show us what you are seeing?


Same here. I can't figure out what I've done wrong.


It is going to be harder to help if you don't show us what you've done.


what's probléme !!


I have the same problem how do i fix it i have done everything it has asked me to do , but nothing happens


It looks like you are doing the right thing with source and your ~/.bash_profile has the right contents.

Sometimes the code checker in these exercises just doesn't seem to be listening. We can try to poke at it a bit to wake it up.

Try each of these, one at a time, to see if you can get its attention:

  • reload/refresh the web page
  • use the "I want to restart this exercise" button under "Get Help"
  • go back one more exercise and try the restart again


@albionsrefuge I have a problem I am stuck at the part two

pls help


To save the file:

  • you need to press and hold your control key
  • while you are still holding the control key, press the letter o key
  • let them both up now

It should then offer you a filename, just accept what it offers by pressing enter/return.

Now your file has been saved.

To exit nano:

  • press and hold the control key
  • while still holding the control key, press the X key
  • let them both up

You should now be out of nano and back at your command line $ prompt.


hey how do you do the symbol on windows that resembles a wave? before the /.bash ???thanks


Check your keyboard. Top left along the numbers key line.


thanks, i wasn't looking properly and the main lights weren't on in my room....It is like you said in the top left. On another note though, do you know by any chance how to modify my keyboard. There are a few keys that aren't where they should be. Is there a way of re-adjusting my keyboard in a sense? I know it's on a different topic to the original. but whilst I'm at it, i thought I'd ask. Thanks again...oh yes, I use Windows 7. Thanks again


Yes, definitely. Search on the WWW. There are text templates you can download but then you have the problem of trying to remember which keys are which. It's a similar thing to gamers modifying keyboards to correspond to game controller actions.
Really, do yourself a favour and buy yourself one of those smart keyboards where you can pull out the caps and stick them somewhere else or some of the programmable keyboards. There are a plethora of options nowdays. Depends how much you want to spend.
Setting up keyboard templates is a bit like setting up hardware drivers. You'll probably have to go into the setup menu in Win7 and change things