Stuck at 76% on the 2nd part

After I type:

nano `/.bash_profile

It does not open up a new file in nano so I can type:

echo “Welcome, Jane Doe”

I have reported the problem but wonder if I am missing something that isn’t allowing me to complete the 2nd step. Help, please.

Have you typed in ` or ~ ?

Thank you, I guess this is what I get for doing this half sleepy. :joy:

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I am having issues with the next step after this one… I open Nano and type Welcome Jane Doe but when it ctrl +x I can’t seem to exit nano to proceed. Anyone else having this issue?

If you have a Linux machine, use VI to do the same thing. If you don’t have a Linux machine, then do yourself a favour and get one. It’s far better than floundering with this site and its idiosyncracies. Then get yourself some good material off the WWW and learn the command line on Linux. It’s not that difficult.

Have you tried with uppercase X ? It should not make any difference normally, but then, this interface has lots of problems.