Stuck at 74%


its broken, I have tried what it's telling me and it's not working.


Could you tell me what exactly is wrong?


me too, have you passed it?
I wrote the commands they asked and ... nothing


Done, you have to press Ctrl key + O, not to type Ctrl


Yes nothing happened


Could you describe exactly what you did?

A screenshot would help us see what you are seeing.


Never mind I found what I needed. thx for replying


Pressing Ctrl+O opens a textbox on the bottom of the screen not on the top and is unresponsive to all my commands, that they tell me to put in. some one plz help


You should only be using ctrl-o from within nano, is that what you are doing? If you could post a screen shot then we could see what you see.


yes i opened up nano and then pressed Ctrl+O it opens the text box but it doesn't respond to my commands because it shows up as a file.


I don't understand what that means. Please post a screenshot.


Here is the screen shot


Don't use ctrl-o until after you have typed your "Hello, I'm nano" bit into the editor. Click in the big black space and type on the top line.


Thx, it would not let me do that before, so I reloaded the page and followed ur instructions, thx