Stuck at 62% on git


I dont git what I am suposed to do


Hi Minecraftlons,

Could you please give a link to the exercise you're having trouble on, and a bit more explanation about what it is you don't "git"?



And what part of the exercise are you having trouble with?


i need help with all of it


OK, that's fine :)

You are currently on the fencing branch. Switch over to the master branch.

Remember how to do this? You'll need to run:

$ git checkout branch_name


merge the fencing branch into the master branch.

Scroll up a little, and they tell you how to do this:

$ git merge branch_name

I hope this helps!
Please let me know if you're still struggling with the exercise :)


when I tryded it, it didnt work


Could you give a screenshot so I can see what you're seeing?


I did exactly what you said


Yes, and I don't doubt that, but could you please give a screenshot?
Also, switching browsers might help.



Oh! My bad, sorry. I should've been more clear :)
branch_name is just a placeholder which gets replaced by the actual branch name. In this case, first you run:

$ git checkout master

Then you run:

$ git merge fencing

I hope this helps!


the git checkout master didnt work


In that case, I'm really sorry, but I can't help you anymore :confused:
Try resetting the exercise and going through it again, maybe?


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