Stuck at 6/10 with a message



In main.css, add properties for the .hero class selector that change the font-family to 'Trebuchet MS', with fallbacks of Helvetica and sans-serif. You can use the code below as a guide:

.hero {
font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, sans-serif;

I've added the code.

This is the message I receive:

Did you add a font-family of "Trebuchet MS" with Helvetica and sans-serif as fallbacks?

I can not advance via the Next button.

Replace this line with your code.


Try changing from single quotes to double,next try refreshing the page. if that doesn't work then paste in all your code.


I tried those steps and they didn't work. Is there a way to reset and start over. If not I am seriously thinking of stopping and looking for another program.


I am having the same exact issue right now. Did you end up finding a solution?


Just literally copy and past it above padding and margin and leave it tabbed forward. It just worked for me gisraeli!! Hope you figure it out


One thing that might help. When you go to "Get Help" in the lower right hand corner one of the options there is "restart this exercise" click on that copy and paste the code and be very sure that you are pasting it in the right place. Coding requires that you be very exact. Sorry if I m telling you something that you already know.


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