Stuck at 16 creating a single line comment and a multi line comment. How do i create both?


How do I create both a single-line comment and a multi line comment.
I have been inputting the following:


how are you
i am fine


Hey @rubyblaster74526

For single line comments, you only need to use the # sign.
You can have this at the start of line, or you can even use it after a bit of code, but everything that follows the sign will not be read as actual code

For the multiline comment, you need the = sign to be in front of begin/end, and then everything between those will be read as comments

These types of comments can be used as many times as you’d like

Something to note, is that when you write comments, the codecademy editor, everything that will be considered a comment will be grayed out, just to make it easier to spot what is what.

I’ve added a small example below to demonstrate the usage

#A single line comment. I will not be read as code by Ruby

A multi-line
comment. Similar to single line, 
I will also not be read as code
#I even can have the single-line comment sign, though it's not needed

my_string = "I'm a bit of code" #I'm not, but the text in front of the # sign, will be read as code