Stuck at 11%


I am stuck at 11%. Completely new to this and have no idea what I am doing.


The first task is:

Change the directory to the 2015/feb/ directory.

Did you do that in one step or did you take two steps? You end up in the same place but the course is looking for the one step command.


Sorry but none of it makes any sense to me. I have never done anything IT related before. I don@t understand how to change the directory to the 2015/feb/directory

Many thanks for your response.


You probably do know some things, like, you know that directories exist on your computer - yes? You also likely know that inside a directory there might be other directories and there might also be files - yes?

When you are using a graphical user interface, like Explore in Windows or Finder on a Mac, you can click to change directories. In this course, there is no clicking, we will be typing commands for getting around our file system.

The first thing you need to know when you think about changing directories is that you can use the change directory command which is:


If you just use it alone it will take you to your HOME directory. That is handy, but not what you want to do here.

To go somewhere besides HOME you'll have to tell it where. You'll have to give it the path to the directory you are heading for.

In that exercise, near the top, there is an explanation of how to use cd to get to the jan/memory directory. That is very similar to getting to the 2015/feb directory.


Many thanks for your detailed reply and I will try and continue with the excercise. I do not understand all the terminology and it is like another language to me. My cousin who is a Linux engineer put me on to this course as I am initerested in learning Linux too.

I appreciate your time and thanks very much again.