STUCK 4. Arithmatic step 4/9 at instruction 2


Error message.
Could not restore workspace.
Really stuck here and cannot skip to next steps.

border-radius: $width/30;


I have the same problem.


Other people have encountered the same problem in earlier posts. There is no solution suggested as far as I know. I wonder if the WorkSpace has received the error message. Will an update to pro version solve this problem? What if it does not?


Can confirm. The same issue is happening to me.


I watched on youtube this channel coding tutorials 360 doing this exercise and passed first try and I tried do that it's get same problems and I can't restart the exercise. It isn't first time this happen to me.


I think the problem might be with the "GET CODE" button malfunctioning


I had this problem while using Firefox. Entered the same answer on Chrome, it was accepted and I was allowed to move forward with the exercise. Hope this helps


I agree. Thanks for the help I think it also has to do with _notice at the top of the screen it say

can not restore work space. And it is really anoying



No this didn't help because the tutorial doesn't clearly explain how to get the answer and you didn't really say anything that makes sense. I am using Chrome and it isn't allowing me to move forward. the GET CODE button is still malfunctioning.
What did you do to move forward. Did you come up with the correct answer? If so please give some explanation of how you did it.


I have the same problem!!! I had this problem while using FIREFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Eentered the same answer on chrome, opera ...


I am having the same problem.

I use firefox usually and have also tried in other browsers. It just won't accept the answer so I can't move forward. :confused:


I have the same problem with FireFox (EDIT, works in Chrome.)


I just tried in Chrome (which I hadn't) and it worked.



Tried it in chrome still doesn't work anyone know how to fix it!


Thnx, it helped! In Chrome it was accepted. Adds to the puzzle...


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