Stuck 13. explicit string converion


stuck on 13. explicit string converion or advanced printing.

i have no clue what to do on this one as it keeps coming up as an error


Try this

print "The value of pi is around " + str(3.14)

What it's actually doing is that since "The value of pi is around " is already a string, you need to convert 3.14 which is a float into a string in order to be able to concatenate (join) them together with the + operator.
You can understand this better by typing

print type(3.14)
print type(str(3.14))
print type("3.14")

Your output should show you

 <type 'float'>
 <type 'str'>
 <type 'str'>

which shows you that the first is a float, and that the second and third are strings.