Struggling with the built in code for the See The Sale project

The second variable that is defined in the prearranged code doesn’t seem to actually be defined. I’m not sure how to fix this problem. The words are showing up light blue instead of the usual blue and it’s throwing an error anytime I try to use it.

Hello, @blesseddesigns868205, and welcome to the forums.

It would help others to help you if you provide a link to the project.

Does it have to be published in order to do that?

Is this an actual Codecademy project, and are you accessing it through Codecademy or through Wix? I don’t have a Wix account, and I don’t recall having completed a project called See The Sale. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a CC project. There are many I haven’t completed, but without a way to see the issue you’ve raised, it will be very difficult or impossible to assist you. You could post the code following the guidelines here:

It is a course in the Codeacademy. I added a link ( I think. I’m honestly not sure how to add a link to the course projects.) It’s the one dealing with Event listeners. It has images of 2 chairs and a desk and a sale price appears when the cursor goes over the image. However the second variable in there that should already be defined can’t be found when the code is executed

To post a link to the project just copy the address in your browser’s address bar, and paste it in a reply.

Ok. I found the project:

I posted the link in hopes that someone who has completed it may be able to help you. I haven’t taken the Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix course, and don’t have a Wix account. If you copy and paste the full code that you’re talking about, I may be able to tell you why you are getting the error you mentioned.