Struggling with my new hostgator site

Hello , Creetings from Athens Greece ,

  • I’m a newbie to all of this , the programming stuff , but i like it a lot . See my personal problem and if you have any idea i’d appreciate any help . Maybe it is a very common problem to other guys too.

  • I’ve made a very simple site , using HTML with notepad . I saved it with the html extension , in my desktop , inside an index.html file ( it’s crusial ) .

  • I buy domain , hosting from the hostgators guys , made an FTP account , all OK .

  • I download and set up the Filezilla , i pass the codes , i connect to the server , all OK .

  • I upload my site using zilla , in the path : home/user/public_html ( it’s crusial ) .

  • I go to the chrome to see and ZERO .

  • I avoid the stroke !! , go to the file manager of the gators hosting , i find the publi_html file , i upload my site , go to chrome …

  • and see my domain as a link , which i press and go to my site !!! . I 've reached so close , but i do something wrong . The empty page shows:
    index of / my domain link / apache server at … my domain portal 80 .

  • I tried the apache , through XAMPP , but nothing .

  • Thank you for your time , my friends Periklis .

Okay, I think I know this stuff.

You need to first make some sort of homepage with some builder. After this, put a link in the homepage directing to your web file. Put it in public_html, as it will interpret the official link as “

After this, make sure you put the link’s place as the above ^^

Refresh the page, and you should see it.