Struggling with Learn React

I am currently working through the Learn React course, and feel like I’m quickly losing my understanding of what’s going on. I was able to get through JSX alright, as well as class components, but I started getting lost around lifecycle methods, and am completely lost now on hooks.

Does anyone have any suggestions for mastering these concepts? It seems as if the curriculum here is moving a bit quickly, but perhaps I should just go back and retry them.

Hi Thomas,
I was at the same point just a few weeks back. Didn’t bother too much about understanding the lifecycle methods of class components because I thought I’ll be using function components in the future as most developers do, I suppose.
But the hook lesson felt like walking through the fog without seeing the bigger picture of what I was doing at first. Don’t worry. Move on and come back to the lesson later. The second time you’ll already see much clearer. It trickles down like props eventually.

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Thanks! It feels reassuring to know others have experienced this. I’m definitely going to revisit the earlier lessons, starting at Class Components. Additionally, I found that Ben Awads video series “Practical React” has been incredibly helpful in supplementing the Codecademy curriculum for React.

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I feel the same way.

But now I’ve been a web developer for several years with a degree and many years of experience in PHP and Javascript.

React just makes me shake my head. How can you come up with the idea and a requirement, a task, a task which is already abstracted in one of the well-known scripting and markup languages - and that already very good (better in my opinion) and now we put another, additional abstraction layer on top of it?!

Well, I want to believe and it turns out, for what these frameworks were created for, it can (!) make sense to use them.
But the trend in the industry is just going straight to doing EVERYTHING with it.
This is worrying.

You can interpret a lot into it, but at the moment I’m also just struggling through it and believe in a meaning that will still reveal itself - in one way or another.

To at least have a say in it, you have to have at least seen it or mastered it.

Good luck and hang in there ^^


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