Struggling learning Javascript Logic


Hey guys i’m getting a little anxious. I’ve been studying CSS/HTML/Javascript on my own time for 6 weeks now. I’ve put in a good 150hours so far into it. I feel pretty comfortable with CSS and HTML but i’m having a real hard time with Javascript. I understand the fundamentals but when it comes time for me to write my own logic with no instructions i’m lost. I can’t seem to figure out how to use what i’ve learned to program even the simpliest automated logic. Is anyone else struggling on this or has struggled in the past and have any advice/tips/tricks on what you did or are currently doing to overcome this?


Concentrate on keeping HTML and CSS in the picture, and study the ways that JS interacts with the DOM. Give yourself a simple mission each week, a single web page with some form of user interaction.

Are you able to access the Chore Door project? Something like that gives us practice on a number of fronts, but still keeps things simple enough for us to gain a footing in each of the concepts.

Focus on details, not the big picture. Never bite off more than you can chew, and go back over every project from the past and look for ways to refine or refactor or improve or repurpose. No project is too small if you are able to take something away from it. Repetition is one of the best ways to cement concepts and gain deeper insight.


Awesome thank you! And yes I have completed the Chore Door project thats kinda when I started to realize I wasn’t able to use the information given to me the same way I was using HTML and CSS.


There are lots of ways to improve on that project, but they may not be immediately obvious, especially if you are just getting yuur feet wet. Study the example and see if there are any concerns such as excessive verbosity, repetition, and so on. Bring them up here if you find any. We can talk about ways to address any that you find.