Struggling getting my code to run on exercises from the bash terminal

I am having trouble with some of the java exercises that use the Bash terminal to run the code, for example the FizzBuzz project (

I can get my code to run using the java FizzBuzz command, but if I make an error in the code and try and run it, it will only run the program from the last time it was correct. Then when I correct the code it still only runs the program from the previous time it was run correctly without the new code running. Even if I delete everything and just try and run simple System.out.println(“Hello”), it will still run the other code.

I end up having to go to a previous exercise that doesn’t use the bash terminal and writing the code there and copying it across.

This seems to be happening an all the exercises that use the Bash terminal. Am I doing something wrong or is it an issue with the codecademy site?



I’ve been having the same issue, first with FizzBuzz and now with Prime Directive. Now it just won’t run my code at all - it creates the class file and stops there. I’m not sure how I got it to work with FizzBuzz, but I’d really like to figure this out for now and the future.

Hi, I had every now and then the same problem. But in my case it seemed to be bacause I was some how disconnected (connection grey). I visitid the intropage and came on again. Then I could use the bash again, too with connection marking green (upper wright corner).