Struggles along Web Development

Hi everyone! I’m somewhat new to web development! (Started around a month ago) I’ve gotten to be point where when I get errors in my code, I get really confused and anxious. I’m not sure if this is because I’m still in high school and that I can’t digest this or if I just have to have patience? Does anyone have anything tips on how to motivate themselves when coding? Thanks!

Hello @jnijnijni. When you get anxious/confused because of errors, take a step back and stop. Even go for a walk/take a day off. I presume you’re working with JS. JS errors are really quite descriptive. The best way, I find, in getting through errors is to read them carefully. They will often tell you exactly where the problem is. So, to fix many problems, just pause for a minute, even re-think what you need to do, then go back, and read the error, and your code. Also, Google is very much your friend; look things up that you don’t get and don’t be afraid to revisit topics that you’ve already done.

You definitely need to have patience. Take breaks, and revisit any topics that you are struggling with. If you are finding it difficult to digest things, slow down. Don’t rush ahead when you don’t need to, and slow down to a speed that allows you to easily take things in. Another thing I find is to set myself very small projects, which should utilise the skills I’ve just learnt. This helps you to cement knowledge. Also, when doing these projects, you will definitely need to look things up on the Internet/books (things like a specific built-in function; however, you shouldn’t be looking up major syntax-quite reviews are ok), as you should be setting projects that push your comfort zone, but not find yourself too far out of your depth.

Projects. What I tend to do is have intermediate projects along the way. Every few concepts, stop, and set yourself (or do an online) project. This should take a few days and be enjoyable. That way, you’ll have motivation to get the content, so you can do something fun, whilst also helping you to cement the knowledge you’ve gained.
I hope this helps!

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To build on what @codeneutrino said…

Your age won’t stop you from programming, I have a professional text editor, written by a 14 year old, and that means he had started learning way earlier.

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Hi there.

I think one thing that you ought to know is that everyone makes errors when programming. Nobody ever just sits down and hammers out a pristine program in one sitting with no mistakes.

It’s important to remember that getting an error in your program, much like making a mistake elsewhere, isn’t the end of the world. So you’ve fudged a line or two of your code… that’s fine. We’ve all done it. What matters is being able to debug your program; looking at the error message, figuring out what it’s telling you about why it doesn’t like what you wrote, and working out how to fix it.

To give you a bit of a real-world analogy: The Beatles didn’t just wake up one day and immediately start cranking out hit records, and neither will you just suddenly start knocking out perfect programs. It’s all about practice:

  1. Write some code.
  2. Run that code.
  3. Fix the errors.
  4. Repeat.

Along the way, if you find you’re staring at errors that you can’t figure out on your own then come here and ask for help. It’s what we’re here for. As you encounter and fix more errors on your own, you’ll not only get more confident at dealing with them as they come up but you’ll also be learning how not to cause those errors in the first place - ultimately resulting in you writing better code. :slight_smile: