Struggle with image exercies


Did you add the image to index.html

I dont know what to start with



You need to create an image.

Start by adding in <img a space and then src=" " between the quotes your image link goes in and you finish it off by adding />

Link to an image is provided in lesson

If you still get an error paste in the code that you typed out and we can have a look and see whats wrong


I think I have the same problem. Code looks correct but do not know exactly where to begin my img element. After the opening

or after the

. or.... do not know? Help.


Oops. I meant after opening paragraph element or closing tag?


on the line below the paragraph element, add an image element.
So after the paragraph. (NOT between the paragraph tags)


I struggled with this at first but i found by typing


Hi! Where do you put the quote marks for the html image thingy? ("")


after the = sign and before /> basically You need the quotes around the link

<img src="URL goes here" />


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