Structure Methods Help

I am currently learning about structure methods. What the task is asking me to do is to inside the body of the method:

  • Check if self.isActive is true.
  • If it evaluates to true, return "Are you ready to ROCK?".
  • Otherwise, return "...".

Here’s my code:

struct Band {
  var genre: String
  var members: Int
  var isActive: Bool
  init(genre: String, members: Int, isActive: Bool) {
    self.genre = genre
    self.members = members
    self.isActive = isActive
  // Add your method below 🤘
  func pumpUpCrowd () -> String
    return ""
    if self.isActive {
      return "Are you ready to ROCK?"
      return "..."

// Create your instance below 🎸 🥁 
var fooFighters = Band(genre: "rock", members: 6, isActive: true)


I am getting the following warning:
warning: code after ‘return’ will never be executed
if self.isActive {

What am I doing wrong here?

Why do you have this?

return ""

It was from the previous step. I removed it, and the code ran properly.