Struck on step 2 on 3: Contoller


I have read all the suggestions on how to do step 2 but nothing works.
Could someone go through this step and explain it to me?
I'm feeling very frustrated right now.


well, ive been trying to get past step two on model, the one before that, can you help me?


Only if you promise to help me when you get to step 2 on the Controller.
Luckily for you I write down what I did step by step besides the answer.
Go up to the files in the code editor and click on the file symbol.
Go down to conf (configure) and there should be a file called db. Open it and go to the migrate file. Open it. Press the open at the bottom to put it on the code editor. You should have
class Create Messages. You write your code under create_table.
This is worked for me.
I am finding this program very hard to understand.


Yes, this is indeed very frustrating.

I was able to move on with the following code:

get 'messages' => 'messages#index'

this did not work

get 'messages' => 'Messages#index'

I don't understand why, since we were working with Messages, not messages... maybe someone can explain?


Where exactly did you put this code at?
Also for some reason when I retype in step one I get the message that there is a conflict now.
This is what I wrote for step 1
rails generate controllor Messages.
It was working before. I don't understand why I have a conflict.


Please ignore my last reply.
I found where to put get'messages'=> 'messages#index'.
For some reason once I ran that besides checking step 2 off step 3 checked off too.
I checked and step 3 was already typed in. I am now out of 3.
Thank you very much for your help.