Strrrrrrring Interpolation!--A New Tiny Annoying Problem

Hello Coders!

I have another small, annoying, and laughable problem. Below is the link to the place of my annoyance:

(@hampusscandgate, I trust that there is not a typo in the link :grin:)

I am concerned with the second problem –

Use console.log to print: ‘My favorite animal: Koala’, but replace ‘Koala’ with your favoriteAnimal variable.

(My favorite animal is the robin, but that doesn’t matter.) Now, how do I replace a word? do I type in

>let favoriteAnimal = 'robin';
**console.log('My favorite animal is a Koala' - 'Koala'+ favoriteAnimal)


Please help, anyone! I eagerly await your replies!


To modify strings when they’re being logged to the console, you wouldn’t subtract the specific word.

The example the exercise gives is
var myPet = “armadillo”
console.log('I own a pet ’ + myPet + ‘.’);

To solve it, you’d do something like

console.log("My favorite animal: " + favoriteAnimal + '.');

Oooh. So I wasn’t supposed to type in Koala! Thanks for the help!


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