Strings and Console Output


1. # Print the concatenation of "Spam and eggs" on line 3!
3. print"Spam " + "and " + "eggs"

I am now stuck on this one and cannot work with it. some say it is right, but I get an error message that says INVALID SYNTAX


I hope your code doesn't include the numbers because if it doesn't then it should work,

# Print the concatenation of "Spam and eggs" on line 3!

print"Spam " + "and " + "eggs"

If the problem persists try changing your browser or the resolution of your window


what numbers? are you talking about?


and I only have the chrome browser


These ones,

What error message are you receiving?


okay aren't they already there in the first place? to deal with?


just Invalid Syntax error message


I got it though. i deleted the numbers


No, what I meant was like part of your code not like the in-built numbered lines. :slight_smile:

Awesome glad that worked! :grin:


oh okay. yeah but that seemed to work out alrighty.


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