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Under ‘Strings And Console Output’ - ‘Strings’ section,

The instructions were — Create a new variable brian and assign it the string “Hello life!”.

This is my code :

Set the variable brian on line 3!
name = "Ryan"
brian = “Hello life”

When I ran it, nothing happened. No output at all, when I clicked the ‘run’ button , the ‘run’ icon disappears and there is a display of a run circling around it for a few seconds, then it reverts back to normal ‘run’ icon , and nothing happens. Nothing is displayed. Can anyone explain why ?


defining variables doesn’t produce any output, you can print the variable values if you want

Its often the case, that huge parts of code written given no output


Oh ya, I keep forgetting that Python requires a ‘print’ statement to print stuff out

When I add 2 prints to the text, I get a result printed. Keep forgetting haha

Set the variable brian on line 3!

name = "Ryan"
brian = "Hello life"
print name
print brian

Result :
Hello life


so, issue resolved i assume?


Yes ! I kept forgetting the print statements …


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