String is not registering

im trying to complete a string but for some reason its not accepting the quote marks.

By string parameter, it doesn’t mean string as parameters, but parameters that will have the value of a string passed into them.

That means that they are normal variables, just like any other parameter type, however you treat them like a string in the function.

const someStrFunction = (string1, string2) => {
return string1 + string2;

See here, they are normal variable like parameters, but I am treating them as strings.
I hope this helps!

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Hi, sorry I speak poor English
You must define rank and lastName as parameters of the function. No 2 empty strings, then you don’t need to add “+” on your return declaration because your return declaration is surrounded by template literal, so everything inside will be considered as text, except your variable included in $ {variable}

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ok. thank you ill try it with this in mind. Thanks very much again

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all good thanks for helping! its very appreciated. Thanks!