String Interpolation II - Not my FAVOURITE topic!

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For the love of all the various Gods… is it really a problem that I spell Favourite like half the English speaking world. It’s not like it’s a restricted word. This whole exercise was just plain annoying because I have to remember to spell like an American, not an Australian. Maybe use that JS knowledge to build in some leniency on the language front. Cheers.

I haven’t read your post yet, just the title. Truth is, backticks are the savior of the string world. They rock! Just saying. I’'ll give your post a read, now.

… who are not American? CC is not based in those countries. As trivial as it is in the big picture, I harp on CC often about the binary possibilities that need to be accounted for in the SCT’s. This is not an unfamiliar complaint. Whether it gets priority in the build cycle…?

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