String formatting

%s - python 2
Python 3.1 final was released on June 27th, 2009.
Thanks if you fix this problem.
And one more python-beginner course about python2 or 3+ ? Someone know?

Find Answer codeacademy use 2.7 python.Bye thanks for wasted time

If you add some Info about course like “Learn python 2.7 with Codeacademy” would be nice

Hey Defcon963,

Over in our #help category, we say:

…but I agree that we could be a little more clear about which version of Python is taught, though.
Thanks for the feedback!

You’re coming at it from the wrong approach here. You don’t learn one specific language version or framework - your skills will be outdated in less than five years. You should learn the basics once, then learn the quirks or new features or whatever of the thing you’re currently working with.
I took the Python course here, and learned a lot from it. I’ve built several programs in Python3 now, with no trouble at all related to switching language versions.

I really think you should try the Python course if you’re interested in making stuff in Python (any version). Codecademy’s Python course is excellent and will teach you programming logic, not just how to print stuff in Python 2.7 - and oh, that’s not the same in Python3 and so now the entire course is ruined :angry:

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