String Formatting with %, Part 2


Hi, I have an assignment due on Monday which includes me completing sections 1-4 of python programming. However, at some lessons Codecademy is not running my code through. This has occurred at a few different places in different lessons, but to be specific one that is not running correctly is String Formatting with %, Part 2. I correctly inputted the right code but when I clicked submit for the program to run my code, it never gives me an output and instead the little function wheel on the blue button just keeps on spinning. Therefore, it show on my screen that I have not completed that lesson. It will, however, let me skip on to other lessons which (mostly) work. I think there is only one other lesson that is doing the same thing and not ever giving me an output on the console. I have tried restarting my computer, using a different computer, etc. Let me know what you think the problem could be and how I can fix it. Thanks.


Did you click on Stuck?Get a hInt! link in that lesson?


Well the same thing goes on me. Idk too what to do and I've waited for like hours but it keeps on spinning. Is there anyone out here could help us?


It's waiting for your input. Click inside the console window, then press Enter


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