String Formatting with %, Part 2


Lesson 15/16. I can replace all the ___ with %s without any problem. However, when I RUN the code, 'What is your Name" appears, but I cannot respond. There is nowhere to enter my name, and then the function times out. It keeps telling me to be sure I am using a lower case s with the %, which I am doing, so I don’t see where the problem is. I cannot enter anything. What gives?

Strings and Console Output


Try a hard refresh on the page and Save again. Do you still not get a prompt in the console? If not, then perhaps try another browser, and failing that, just enter the three strings and comment out the input lines.

name = "your_name"
quest = "your_quest"
color = "your_color"


I had the same issue, but did what mtf suggested and it worked for me after that.


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