String + datetime.strptime + datetime.strftime and back to string

I am working on a project in which I need to use datetime, timedelta, strftime, and strptime.
To get this to work my imports look like this:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import datetime as dt

The code starts with taking in two string dates: ‘05/11/21’, ‘05/13/21’
It then uses datetime.strptime to convert these into datetime dates and generates a list of dates between them, it outputs this list:
date_list = [datetime.datetime(2021, 5, 11, 0, 0), datetime.datetime(2021, 5, 12, 0, 0), datetime.datetime(2021, 5, 13, 0, 0)]

Now I want to iterate through that list and turn the datetimes back into strings.

date_string = []
for d in date_list:
	date_string += datetime.strftime(d, '%m/%d/%y')

I get this error:
AttributeError: type object 'datetime.datetime' has no attribute 'datetime'.

Please help, Thanks so much

That’s correct, it has no method datetime (you can see this when you type help(datetime).

What you probably wanted was something like datetime(2021, 5, 11, 0) which produces a datetime.datetime object.

Documentation is useful for examples and reference: datetime — Basic date and time types — Python 3.9.6 documentation