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So currently working on the portfolio proj. in the Ruby on rails unit. Coding my HTML and CSS and that’s not the problem per say… But…hopefully someone recognizes that strugs…My problem. It’s silly really. I have a good streak going and I really want the next achievement level (the two months of meeting your selected coding days/week) but even though I be coding … The academy isn’t logging my streak. It only logs my participation I post something here I get the streak credit. I know its like a vanity thing but like I WANT THAT BADGE THO… :partying_face:

Anyone else on a super streak they don’t want jinxed ??

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I totally get it! If you have the Codecademy app, you can do the review and practice questions. I believe that will continue your daily streak.

I’ll pretend like you’re a pitcher that has a no-hitter going and I won’t comment on it. :slight_smile:


Hey ngwolfhare! :slight_smile: How are you doing?
I think that if you go to an old lesson/exercise/quiz and click next it should give you the daily check. It happened to me at least a couple of times on a new day when I went back reviewing some precedent lessons before resuming with the new stuff.

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@lisalisaj @usernamegiapreso ROGER ROGER !!! Will do … I mean you are all a delight and I enjoy talking to you all any day of the week !! But good to know the way forward is to go back !!! haha…Wait does that mean if my no hitter involves checking in on here from time to time it’s now part of the no hitter protocol :baseball: ?? Coding Sports Ball rule ?? Not superstitious but I am a little 'stitious :upside_down_face:

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I don’t understand :frowning:

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I meant that if one is watching a baseball game on tv (or at a ball park) and the pitcher has a no-hitter going…you don’t talk about it b/c well, jinx.

and now I’ve said too much. haha.


Ahh sorry I actually skimmed your answer to reply directly to @ngwolfhare’s question, since I’ve been tagged I thought it was an answer to me about baseball, now I see it was directed to you. xD

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@lisalisaj Nah you didn’t just the right amount … informative but not messing up the streak vibes. I can feel it. Alright portfolio proj time to get made. I’m caffeinated, I wasted some time endlessly scrolling through my fav. time-wasting app… LETS GET READY FOR CODING !!! said in that one Boxing guy’s voice

@usernamegiapreso Sorry … I’ll take the blame my excited response was probs unclear but thank you for letting me know how to save the streak :wink:

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Cheers, did it work?

Well TBH I keep on chatting up in the forums so haven’t tried the platform solution yet :upside_down_face: but rest assured I’ve been a coding. THE STREAK LIVES!!! Tomorrow I will be all antisocial and see…but no promises considering you all remain rather delightful :partying_face:



the next milestone is 3 months… I mean i might not post that lest it be viewed as spammy but since you all contributed to this badge … Wanted to say : THANKS FRIENDS :cupcake: :cupcake: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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