Strange console errors in Milford School project



I'm getting strange console errors and nothing works. Here's the JS code:

For example, the console says I have unknown tokens, but when I remove them I get errors in the environment stating I'm missing tokens.

Any ideas?

var main = function() {
  $('.dropdown img').click(function() {
  $('.form').submit(function () {
    var email = $('#email').val();
    var passowrd = $('#password').val();
  	if(email === "") {
      $('.email-error').text("Please enter your password.");
    if(password === "") {
      $('.password-error').text("Please enter your password.");
  	return false;





Spelling error/typo.


Thank you so much and you were so right. That got rid of all the errors in the console and the learning environment. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work.


Can you please post a link to the exercise? Thanks.



Above is the link.



This line has a typo, and is inside the function. It should be the last line of code, and below the function closing brace.


Still looking for other problems.


Thanks.That did it. Next time I'll print the code out. I seem to find typos better that way.


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