Strange Bugs With Student Becomes The Teacher


I’m doing the “Student Becomes the Teacher” course and it’s going well. My code for exercise 8 was beginning to take the form of spaghetti, so I thought I should restore the workspace. After restoration, I noticed something strange. Even though the last error had been thrown due to a mistake on line 48, the restored code was only 20 lines long.

I then began to re follow the exercise. But then, I noticed all the other code (except the dictionaries containing student information) had been erased! Werid. Oh well. I thought to myself and began the section again. But then I noticed something else. On lesson 1, where the dictionaries with student info are created, the palate was clear. But on lesson two, where values for Lloyd’s homework, test, and quiz scores are entered, the scores were already there! And Python would throw a Syntax error, claiming there was something wrong with the homework list on line 3.

And it get’s worse! In step five, after the for loop for printing the data values in the dictionaries, a dialogue box flashed on and off the screen. It was too fast for me to read properly, but after triggering it a few times, I managed to pick up the words “Woah, there!” “This could cause problems with-” and “A file-”. What’s wrong?


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