Strange bug in Create a Table project, only celebs table from previous lesson is generated

I’m having trouble running queries in the ‘Create a Table’ project:

Whenever I click ‘Save’, it generates the celebs table from the previous lesson.

I’ve tried refreshing my browser. Currently using Google Chrome. Example screenshot of what’s happening below. Am I missing something?

Check the hint for Task #2. You have a typo in your INSERT INTO statement. It isn’t rendering results from your query or any query to the celebs table. It is just showing the celebs schema.

Hi there. You have typed VALUE insted of VALUES in INSERT INTO

INSERT INTO friends (id, name, birthday)
VALUES (1, 'Jane Doe', '1900-05-16');

(update: there was a loose comma that was keeping the table from showing. Consider this query solved. Thanks for all the help!)

Thank you for the replies. I’ve fixed the typo, however I still can’t seem to run any results. I’ve tried saving the project in both Chrome and Firefox, the celebs schema is still the only thing that pops up.

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