i am at this exercise (php built-in functions). I am getting desired output. As per instruction there is a return as well as echo too. why am i getting “Did you call the str_pad() function with the four variables?”

my code is as follow…

function you_dit()


global $a,$b,$c,$d;

return str_pad($b,$a,$d,$c);

echo you_dit();

No access to the lesson - I might be totally off:

Why global? It seems more likely that the program would like you to echo you_dit(); passing 4 predefined variables as parameters. If that’s the case, it will not recognize this as a solution (because it isn’t one). You’ll need to refactor to define the parameters in the function definition, and to pass them in the function call.

i already passed it by copy / pasting variable within functions. But, normal understanding is variables are already defined so go ahead with what you’ve been given.