Stop randomly changing course accessibility

Am I the only one annoyed by this?

I've been using this website for more than five years now. And it worries me to see what's becoming.

I understand the need to make profit, but to me it makes no sense that courses that were initially free are now PRO. Right now I have completed courses like SASS and GIT (which I did years ago) that I cannot access because I'm not PRO. I can't see what I've already done.

I have also curses at X% that I can't finish because they are now PRO. It's just annoying and every time I start a new course I fear that I won't be able to finish it.

Years ago I recommended Codecademy to my peers, but now I suggest looking for alternatives.

Can we just have a standard or something to decide which courses are PRO and which are free?
I'd understand projects, career paths, quizes and stuff being PRO, but I think at least the basis of every language, in it's vanilla form (no frameworks of libraries), should be free.

I hope this site can again find the balance between making profit and keeping knowledge accessible.