Stop randomly changing course accessibility

Am I the only one annoyed by this?

I've been using this website for more than five years now. And it worries me to see what's becoming.

I understand the need to make profit, but to me it makes no sense that courses that were initially free are now PRO. Right now I have completed courses like SASS and GIT (which I did years ago) that I cannot access because I'm not PRO. I can't see what I've already done.

I have also curses at X% that I can't finish because they are now PRO. It's just annoying and every time I start a new course I fear that I won't be able to finish it.

Years ago I recommended Codecademy to my peers, but now I suggest looking for alternatives.

Can we just have a standard or something to decide which courses are PRO and which are free?
I'd understand projects, career paths, quizes and stuff being PRO, but I think at least the basis of every language, in it's vanilla form (no frameworks of libraries), should be free.

I hope this site can again find the balance between making profit and keeping knowledge accessible.

I agree and I’m very annoyed about this too.

I just completed some courses and see they are not showing as completed on my profile because the Pro sections need to be completed before they appear on the profile.

I can’t now refer my profile to employers because half the courses I’ve done don’t show!
I would buy Pro but can’t get there because I don’t have a portfolio so can’t get hired!

There should at least be a distinction on profiles of completed basic courses and completed Pro courses so at least employers can see some course work completed.

It’s unfortunate but I’m going to have to find some other site to learn on that doesn’t restrict showing completed courses.

Sorry Codecademy but instead of making a customer you’ve now lost one.

Hi @davidloco4 and @arraysolver16164, got your feedback. I hear the frustration. I’ll try and explain some of this as best I can.

@arraysolver16164 you’ve reported a known bug. Basically, if a Codecademy (free) user, it will show the incorrect % under the My Course tab. But if you go to the course catalog, you’ll see the correct %. Something with the logic on My Courses tab is off and we’ve got an engineer working on it :slight_smile:

For @davidloco4, we totally agree, it is not great to have this accessed revoked. Seems like we should be celebrating you for being a learner with Codecademy for so long! Please write our CS team at for a month of Pro on the house so you can go in and save your content. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any more thoughts, please. :+1:

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Thank you, I did not realize it was a bug. Hope it gets resolved soon. :grinning: