Stock prices for Netflix in 2017


In this project, you will act as a data visualization developer at Yahoo Finance! You will be helping the “Netflix Stock Profile” team visualize the Netflix stock data. In finance, a stock profile is a series of studies, visualizations, and analyses that dive into different aspects a publicly traded company’s data.

For the purposes of the project, you will only visualize data for the year of 2017. Specifically, you will be in charge of creating the following visualizations:

  • The distribution of the stock prices for the past year
  • Netflix’s earnings and revenue in the last four quarters
  • The actual vs. estimated earnings per share for the four quarters in 2017
  • A comparison of the Netflix Stock price vs the Dow Jones Industrial Average price in 2017

Note: We are using the Dow Jones Industrial Average to compare the Netflix stock to the larter stock market. Learn more about why the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a general reflection of the larger stock market here.

During this project, you will analyze, prepare, and plot data. Your visualizations will help the financial analysts asses the risk of the Netflix stock.

After you complete your visualizations, you’ll be creating a presentation to share the images with the rest of the Netflix Stock Profile team. Your slides should include:

  • A title slide
  • A list of your visualizations and your role in their creation for the “Stock Profile” team
  • A visualization of the distribution of the stock prices for Netflix in 2017
  • A visualization and a summary of Netflix stock and revenue for the past four quarters and a summary
  • A visualization and a brief summary of their earned versus actual earnings per share
  • A visualization of Netflix stock against the Dow Jones stock (to get a sense of the market) in 2017

Financial Data Source: Yahoo Finance