Stir Fry recipe generator in Python

Hello everyone! Just sharing my first project. Practicing using random integer generation and lists in Python. It generates a random stir fry recipe by calling from a few lists of ingredients and then giving instructions on how to use them. (Side note: this is just proof of concept, this isn’t the only way to stir fry).

I’m open to feedback on how to clean this up or make it more elegant.

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Hey! The concept is cool! The code you provided is cool. You use a lot of the same code. I found myself doing the same when I first started, and I still do when the concept is new. But I would look into refactoring your code. A function would come in handy with finding random ingredients to cook a stir fry. You could create a function that generates a random number and selects the ingredients for you. The min and max could be determined based on the list provided. I would also add a little more to the notes to the code. But that’s a personal preference.